Our Services

Morse Building Consultancy offers a range of services for Insurers, Loss Assessors, Loss Adjusters, and the broader insurance industry, including the private sector:

Building & Engineering Consulting

We provide building consultants, engineers and specialist advice in relation to compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ (Dts) Provisions therein, for both Volume 1 (Commercial and Industrial) and Volume 2 (Residential). Learn more <link to Services/Building & Engineering Consulting>

Reporting & Scope of Works

We provide independent, in-depth and expert reporting and SOWs. A cost analysis of all tenders can be provided on request, so that recommendations for the preferred tender can be established. We will also identify any BCA non-compliance which may have contributed to the extent of the damage. Learn more <link to Services/Reporting & Scope of Works>

Site Investigations

Morse Building Consultancy provides prompt site attendance, surveying of all damage and identifying and recording of any damage specific to the event. We identify any non- event related damage that may be caused by lack of maintenance, preexisting conditions and fair wear / tear. Learn more <link to Services/Site Investigations>

Disaster Response

In the event of a disaster, Morse Building Consultancy provides a prompt and unbiased commitment to service provision. Our Catastrophe Response Plan is routinely updated to ensure containment and mitigation of the effects of a catastrophe to limited further loss and to restore order and normality. Learn more <link to Services/Disaster Response>

Damage Reporting

From a single structural or building claim, to large volumes of claims throughout a catastrophe, Morse Building Consultancy have the ability to deliver independent, experienced, timely, accurate damage reporting. Learn more <link to Services/Damage Reporting>

Project Management

Morse Building Consultancy are experience in all aspects of project and construction management including major projects and major-loss insurance claims involving strata property, retail, industrial, commercial and residential. Learn more <link to Services/Project Management>

Dispute Resolution

During the inspection and reporting process, Morse Building Consultancy is able to offer expert opinion on the actual cause of any identified damage and/or when the State Home Owner’s Protection applies, eg. to faulty workmanship or when a claim is applicable to an owner initiated home policy. Learn more <link to Services/Dispute Resolution>

Expert Witness

Morse Building Consultancy can assist legal professionals, Insurers and clients with their legal cases. With our expert understanding of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards, we are able to provide expert witness services. Learn more <link to Services/Dispute Resolution>

Quantity Surveying

With Morse Building Consultancy, fully quantified works specification can be provided. This can subsequently be used for tendering quotation purposes. A cost analysis of all tenders can be provided to assist with preferred tender selection. This level of detail is particularly useful for larger projects. Learn more <link to Services/Quantity Surveying>